Trish Jolley-Nunes, former Henrietta Street Resident …

 … and founder of the Henrietta Street Facebook Group talks about ‘Henrietta Street, Dublin: The Jewel in the Georgian Crown’

I was born the youngest of 10 children, 5 Boys and 5 girls. My Parents were William and Isabella Jolley. We lived in number 13 Henrietta Street and my parents met each other while living in Henrietta St. They fell in love and got married in 1928 in St. Michan’s Church, Halston Street, Dublin. I recently found out on a visit to Glasnevin that my father’s parents John & Maria Jolly passed away within days of each other while living in number 13 Henrietta St in 1913. My Parents had a wonderful happy marriage and loved each other very much.  As a small child I remember every Sunday afternoon they would move the table we had the in centre of the room and they would put on old records and waltz. My Mam loved to dance and would show me how to do the Charleston. My Mam’s parents also lived in number 13, they were John & Catherine Horrigan. John served in The 8th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers and fought in WW1 in The Battle of Passchendaele. He was one of the lucky ones, he returned home alive but not before spending 2 years as a Prisoner of War in Germany. My grandmother Catherine was known by all who lived in Henrietta St as ‘Mother Horrigan’. She had a great friend Nell Hanratty who lived in number 6 Henrietta St. and the two of them would sit on the steps of number 6 and put snuff on the back of their hand and sniff it up their nostrils.

I love Henrietta Street with a passion so strong and that is what prompted me to set up my Facebook Group ‘Henrietta Street, Dublin: The Jewel in the Georgian Crown’ . I had such a happy childhood with lots of great friends who lived there and we would play out on the street as soon as we got home from school. I went to Georges Hill presentation Convent in the Market area, and made lots of friends there who lived around Hentown (what Henrietta Street was known as to residents). Setting the group up was just fantastic as it has brought me back in touch with so many people & friends from my childhood. Some I lived with in Henrietta St., some I went to work with, and some I went to school with. I also found my long lost cousin’s sisters, Theresa, Marie, Eileen Tierney! I lost contact with them when their mother passed away in 1961 and they were put in a home for orphans! Theresa is an administrator on the Facebook Group and all 3 girls are also on it. I met up with Theresa last year when I was in Dublin. We had not seen each other since we were children.

I’m also now back in touch with other cousins. I have met up with several people from my past like Ken Donohue whose Family owned the Pub at the Bottom of Henrietta Street. It was then called Donohue’s and was the hub of the area were a lot of people went to socialise … a ‘Rovers Return’ of its day. I would love to organise a day when most members of the group could get together in Henrietta Street. I could go on forever telling you what a wonderful street it was to grow up in. People really did care for each other and share things when times were tough, and we could go out and leave our doors unlocked and have no worry about being broken in to. Also the Temple Park at top of the street was a great place to play in. Oh! All those wonderful hot summers spent with my friends!

The Jolley Family at Portmarnock Beach, 1954

Front row from the left my dad William, me! (Trish Jolley-Nunes), brothers Eddie,Bill, Patrick, and Robert.
Back from the left my sister May Jollley-Wheeler, my sister in law Juliann Jolley, my mam Isabella and standing in shorts my brother-in-law Johnny Wheele. Taken at Portmarnock Beach 1954. My brother John took photo, my sisters Ann, Honora, and Isabella are not pictured.

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20 Responses to Trish Jolley-Nunes, former Henrietta Street Resident …

  1. Leonie Marshall says:

    My Great Gran lived in number 7 and I lived in number 4 until I was just five years old and still remember living there! Loved Henrietta street and can still remember crying the day we moved out.

    • Thanks for the interest! And thanks of course to Trish for sharing her history with us.

      We’re looking for contributions of your stories about living on Henrietta Street, about the Lockout and everything related. We would love to put your images and stories on our website. We’re also hoping to record some oral histories. You can share your stories via or email me at


    • Trish Jolley Nunes says:

      Hi Leonie, i remember your great Aunts May & Connie Marshall ! i was told they were very good to my Dad when he was very ill and helped my Mam to look after him! They made lovely cakes and kept them in a beautiful cake tin & would invite some of the children in to have Tea/Cakes.

  2. says:

    thats lovely trish

  3. Terry Crosbie says:

    A lovely bit if history from a very historic Street,it was a cut through for us kids from Church St,nd into the Temple to cause all sorts if divelment,remember getting the catterpillars at the cottages,nd climbing the statues,nd trying to climb the walls with the grooves,to look in the windows in the Kings Inn,the skin would be gone off your finger tips,we had a ‘ghost’ story that the statues walked around at night,[moving statues],l loved the Temple as a child,nd the Lady Aberdeen up further,il be up to take in the ‘showing’ of number 14, well done all…xx

  4. Siobhan Curley says:

    fantastic story Trish!xxx

  5. caroline reillly says:

    Great story Trish, well done xx

  6. thanks trish, what memories, we were also former residents of no. 14 henrietta st .the Brannigan family . all 13 of us front room parlour, the horrigan family also lived at no. 14 also a large family,

    • Trish Jolley Nunes says:

      Hi Peter Brannigan,if your in Dublin on August 25th we are holding a ” Gathering” for all former residents of this wonderful street! would be great if you could make it. The Horrigans are part of my Family and some of them will be there. My Mam was Isabella Horrigan Jolley.Also i have a facebook page you could join,”Henrietta Street Dublin The Jewel in The Georgian Crown”

  7. Maria Osborne Conway says:

    I love all family memories, my family also came from number 13

  8. jacqueline moran nee brady nee carberry nee ogilsby says:

    Hi Trish,
    My great grand parents both lived in 14 henrietta street the oglesbys and carberrys my nanny was born there in 1920 then moved to colraine street church street and finaly bowe street when she got married unfortunatly she is bedridden at the moment but i would love her to see no 14 again we my aunts and my family will deffinatly try and make it on the 25 august i think it would be so interesting to see where we came from. my nannys dad and mam lived in 14.13 and my grandads dad and mam lived in 14.16 in 1911 did you ever here of catherine oglesby ? or the brennans or carberrys ?
    Id love to know if you knew my nanny .
    Jacqueline Moran

  9. Trish Jolley Nunes says:

    Hi Jacqueline, I dont know your family but if you join my facebook group ‘Henrietta Street Dublin The Jewel in The Georgian Crown’ their might be some people of there who might remember your are most welcome to go to The Gathering on August 25th. lookforward to you been there!
    Trish x

  10. Hi Trish, great memories of children living in Henrietta Street, what good times we had, cant say the same for our parents trying to make ends meet. Thanks Trish well written from the Heart…xx

  11. paddy shiels says:

    hi trish,the last time we met was in Wembley stadium, approx. 35 yrs ago. I met your brother Robert and vera in town today. missed out in the gathering in august. didn’t know about it. inform me next time round. we were all privelaged to be part of the hen town family. wonderful people. best wishes paddy shiels

  12. paddy shiels says:

    hi trish, the last time we met was in Wembley stadium, approx. 35 yrs ago. I met your brother Robert and vera in town today, missed out on the gathering in august, I didn’t know about it. inform me the next time. we were all privelaged to be part of the hen town family. wonderfull people. best wishes paddy shiels

  13. Trish Jolley Nunes says:

    Hi I take it your Paddy Shiels from No14 married to carmel! Why dont you join my ‘Henrietta street The Jewel in The Georgian Crown’ Facebook page! Great to hear from and that was a very long time ago when we met by chance @ Wembley station! Do you ever keep in contact with any of the Staffords? By the way a lot of carmels family joined my Hen Page x

  14. SEO says:

    It’s very effortless to find out any matter on web as compared to textbooks, as I found this post at this site.

  15. Larry says:

    Hi i was born in 14 hennerietta st larry farrell 1963 to rosie Mooney loved everything about the place now live in Australia love coming back and visiting the street

  16. Tom Cullen says:

    Hi just joined Facebook ,I lived in Henrietta Street around 1938-19441 ,my Name Tom Cullen ,my paternal grandparents also lived there .I loved it when the horse drawn bread cart arrived .The Temple a great place to collect caterpillars .

  17. Tom Cullen says:

    My fathers brother ,I believe his name was Michael I think he was killed in the First World War .Any info would be appreciated

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